LORDS tea bags in MAXI retail chain

As of today, in stores belonging to MAXI retail chain you can find selection of LORDS brand of tea bags...
Serbian Chamber of Commerce Award for 2010.

Company BILJE BORČA d.o.o. has been presented with award from the Serbian Chamber of Commerce for 2010 for our achievements in the development and improvement of the national economy.  

Medicinal herbs and herbal based products

Welcome to the world of medicinal herbs!

For over two decades, Bilje Borča DOO combines centuries of experience in traditional medicine with modern technologies in the field of medicinal and aromatic herbs and with its products promotes healthy and quality lifestyle.



Our products are characterized with rich assortment of semi-finished and finished products from medicinal and aromatic herbs. A wide range of intermediates such as bulk herbs, tinctures, extracts, oils and various finished products, including tea, drops, syrups and capsules have found their place in the markets in the region and in the USA, Canada and Australia...